Blink Game Pack: 3 Instagram Blinking Game Filter Templates


3 Instagram Blinking Game Templates for Spark AR.

  • Time the Blink.
  • Blink High Score.
  • Timed Staring Contest.


3 Instagram Blinking Game Filter Templates

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High Score

  • Blink as many times as possible before the time runs out.

Staring Contest

  • Try not to blink and go for the longest.
  • Millisecond Timer

Blink Catch

  • Time the blink and land on the target.
  • Millisecond timer precision.
  • 4 levels of game play with increasing adjustable difficulty.


  • Project templates are commented and color coded.
  • Replace materials, textures and trigger new events.
  • Commented script.js files for the code curious.

Release Notes

  • The project folders (.zip) contain the project and asset folders.
  • Developed with v87¬†of Spark AR and was updated for the v85+ API changes.
  • Projects meet upload size guidelines.


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