Spark AR Color Picker Template

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Spark AR Color Picker

Sample color at touch location while dragging finger

Includes 2 example projects:

  • One color picker to sample at touch location.
  • Many color pickers to sample at multiple points.

Spark AR Color Picker (V100)

Get color sample at touch position.

Spark AR Template for creating a color picker sampler effect.

Includes 2 example projects:

  • Single color picker
  • Many color pickers to sample multiple locations.
  • New improved color transition smoothing.
  • Pin to default UV location to sample camera or face tracker texture – any texture.

Spark AR Color Picker

Try this effect


  • Get color sample at pan gesture touch coordinates.
  • Drag to position swatch samples at touch coordinates.
  • Set default UV position to sample skin color at point on face tracker texture.
  • Includes Drag 2D Patch Asset for dragging 2D objects on Canvas.
  • 2 Example projects included
  • Free subscription to future updates and releases.

Release Notes

  • The project folder (.zip) contains the Spark AR Studio project and patches.
  • Developed using Spark AR Studio v86
  • YouTube Tutorial

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    its f-ing amazing and you should charge more

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