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Spark AR Templates

TikTok Effect House Templates
Spark AR Templates


FeelGoodMonkey: Guides Made for You

Unlock personalized insights and actionable tips that cater directly to your life’s goals. FeelGoodMonkey guides provide positive nudges along the way; whether it’s advancing your career, enriching your personal relationships, or exploring new personal development avenues—get action delivered weekly in a simple email.

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LeanTest: Intuitive Answers

LeanTest is a balance app for iOS that tests intuitive body wisdom. Hold the device still while standing and ask a question with your eyes close to see which direction your body

leans. Forward indicates a positive “yes” from your body; backwards lean indicates a negative “no” from your body.

LeanTest: Intuitive Answers
LeanTest App
Download on the App Store
Download LeanTest on the App Store


An OpenAI GPT that helps start and maintain engaging conversations in real life.

If you have ever wondered, “What should I say?”, this is a great tool to come up with something quickly and start a conversation.


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