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Draw with Particles: Simple Spark AR Tutorial: Draw with Particle System in 5 Minutes

Draw with particles Spark AR. The standard method of drawing continuous lines in 3D and 2D is with a Particle System. We can use directed streams of particles to create lines in world and screen space. I will go over how to draw in Spark AR in this tutorial. Download the free example project below.

Draw with Particles: Step One

  • + Add Object: Particle System

Properties of Particle System

With the Particle System selected in your Scene Panel, check out the properties on the right. There are many options to create the effect you want with particles.

  • Type: Formation of the emitter at it’s origin.
  • Space: World or Screen will effect how the Transformations are handled
  • Birthrate: Rate at which new particles are born or created.
  • Spray angle: Direction of the particle spray or trajectory.
  • Speed: How fast the emitter emits it’s particles.
  • Warmup: Option to have particle system ready when effect is loaded.
  • Particle Scale: The scale of the Particles.
  • Particle Lifespan: How long the particle will remain visible or exist after emission.
  • Shape Shape: 2D plane or 3D primitive object.
  • Shape Material: Create or apply a material to the Particle.
  • Force: Various settings for acceleration and drag of particles after emission.

Set your properties to the same as the image below.

  • Birthrate: 400
  • Spray Angle: All 0
  • Particle Lifespan: I choose 10, you can set to your preference.
  • Shape: Add your own material
Draw with Particles: Particle System Properties
Draw with Particles: Particle System Properties

3D Drawing with Particles

This is the patch for drawing with your nose in 3D.

Draw with Particles: With Nose
Draw with Particles: With Nose

Just set your shape to your preference and add material.

Click “Actions” in the upper right of the window and “Position on Face” – Nose.

2D Drawing with Particles

Here is the Patch for drawing in 2D.

Draw with Particles: 2D
Draw with Particles: 2D

A Step by Step tutorial on Drawing in 2D at touch location can be found here, on the Newcolor Studio YouTube channel.

Draw with Particles: Draw 2D YouTube Tutorial

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