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Using Spark AR Templates

To quickly update template textures, right click a texture in the Assets panel and select Replace.

Replace Texture
Replace Texture

Color Codes

Look for notes in the Patch Editor describing the function of patch groups. Color codes are used describe patch functions.


  • Easy edits to quickly change the values and effect properties. These are non-destructive edits you can apply to some inputs to change the effect.


  • Effect logic driving the essential functions of the effect. Edits to these areas will change the core properties of the effect.


  • Script elements; values and attributes sent to script and from script.


  • Position, animation and transformation properties. These areas setup the position, movement and animation of elements of the effect.


  • Graphic or visual elements like textures and text objects.


  • Effect information. This is where screen instructions are defined, the effect is started and time is kept for effects like games.

If you have trouble using an effect or need support, feel free to send a message using this contact form.

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