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Spark AR Static Text – 1 Easy Way to Fix

Find out the easy way to fix Spark AR Static Text Policy Violations. Using one simple technique helps get Instagram filters approved and live.

Spark AR Static Text

You’re likely here because your AR effect was rejected by the Spark AR review process for static text. Or you’re looking for ways to integrate text within your effects.

Spark AR has a lot of policies and standards for submitting and publishing effects. Visual text seems to be a common rejection theme among effects with text. This is the 2.4a policy:

2.4. Visual text. Any text that contributes to the visuals of the effect (i.e. not instructions), must appear only as a natural part of the effect.

  • 2.4.a. Text must be integrated into the scene of the effect, i.e. it must fall into at least one of the categories below:
    • 2.4.a.i. The text responds to movements through the use of face tracking; for example, on a piece of clothing worn by the person using the effect.
    • 2.4.a.ii. The text is integrated into a 3D object in the scene that uses world tracking; for example, on a movable boombox.
    • 2.4.a.iii. The text is a timestamp, i.e. in an effect that simulates a camcorder or film camera.

Fix the Spark AR Static Text violation

Static text is often the culprit. Static refers to elements that are unchanging; in this case movement. So here are some ways to integrate your text within the scene.

Attach text to another moving object

Static Text in Spark AR
How to fix static text with Face Tracking in Spark AR

Use the position data from the Face Tracker to make the text “follow” the face. This doesn’t have to be a 1:1 follow—manipulate the data to move the text a small amount. This small amount of movement is often enough to qualify the text as non-static and pass review. In the image above, I multiply the face tracking X and Y position by 25 to create a small amount of movement for a 2D text object. The multiplication is necessary to translate world object coordinate to a 2D object screen coordinate.

Make sure your text is tasteful

I have seen effects fail for mentioning things like drinking, smoking and other unsavory activities. If your grandma wouldn’t approve of the text content, Instagram likely will not either. Unless your grandma smokes and drinks. But if Instagram was a grandma, she would not smoke or drink.

Is there another way to communicate your message?

Instagram is used by folks far and wide on our blue marble, which means many different languages. Can you communicate your message without language?

Have another Spark AR problem?

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